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A database is an organized collection of logically related data that contains information relevant to an enterprise. The database is also called the repository or container for a collection of data files. For example, a university database maintains information about students, courses, and grades in university.


How people are connected to a computer database

People and organizations need different types of data for various purposes. The organizations work together with different other organizations by sharing such data. Data are essential and important to fulfill the requirements of individuals, organizations, offices, companies, etc. in order to achieve the desired goal. Therefore data must be collected from various sources in an organized manner. The collected data then processed in order to obtain designed results and store them systematically as databases for future purposes.

Before the development of computer technology, organizations used to keep data and information in the manual database system. the preparation and manipulation process of a manual database is very complex and tedious because they are never updated easily. In the traditional and manual file system, data cannot be shared. The development of the computer system and advancement in software helped to process, manage, and update data quite easily and effectively. The data in the computerized system can be processed at a very high speed and a large amount of data can be stored in a small space.

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